Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2018

In the era of cut-throat rat-race, where every business is trying to gain an edge over the other, Digital Transformation is not just an option anymore. The level of competition in the market has made digital transformation a necessity for the businesses to adopt so that they can flourish in their sectors. Hence, understanding the basic fundamentals of Digital Transformation is very crucial. Here, we enlist five significant trends that will drive the digital revolution this year.


The Internet of Things


The internet of things (IoT) is predicted to take off in 2018, with enterprises increasing their deployments and integrating IoT processes into their products, services, and systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) has now become an important element of the daily routine of businesses. Even in its infancy, the Internet of Things is quite the talk of the town and is surely one of the hottest digital trends of the year 2018.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has moved way ahead from mere automation, decision support and prediction. It has become more thoroughly inspected and scrutinized now. 2018 is the year that is expected to report the most productive use of AI than ever in the past. Companies will look for prospects to make bigger infrastructural set-up and processes for managing their Artificial Intelligence endeavours.




Cybersecurity will largely incorporate Artificial Intelligence in the year 2018 for enabling intelligent security measures online. This year will be witnessing a significant rise in the number of self-regulating defences online. There will be a nonstop monitoring to spot and react to online threats to protect data. Intelligent security will be a crucial part of Cybersecurity this year.


Big Data


In 2018, Big Data promotion will focus on strategies leading to an increase in the competence and a gradual decrease in the costs. The use of Cloud for managing Business Intelligence will boost up. Additionally, many data visualization models and self-service software will take help from Big Data Analytics.




As per a report published by Gartner, Blockchain has been reported as the second-most often searched keyword on their official website with a year-long boost in search volume, increasing by up to 400% (by February 2018). The year 2018 will witness blockchain to be one of the major interests for Venture Capitalists and start-ups.