Parental Engagement and Ed-Tech in Digital Age

The involvement of technology is growing in almost every aspect of our lives. With the incessant swiftness of digital advancements, it is imperative for parents to stay updated with the latest trends in education. As the education sector is getting digitized completely, it is very crucial for parents to adapt to new ed-tech trends. This would help the new-age parents to be engaged in the academic as well as wholesome growth of their children in a better way. Digital awareness of parents aids in effective communication between the parents and children. Here, we enlist a few ways how ed-tech and parental engagement can go hand in hand.


Digital Solutions for Better Parental Engagement


1. Mobile Apps


With almost entire population being equipped with smartphones, everyone has access to the digital world. Mobile apps and such facilities can help parents to be better engaged in their wards’ development. This would help parents to closely monitor the activities of their kids while being in contact with the teachers on a regular basis. However, it is very important that such communication takes place within a fully isolated and protected setting


2. Engagement Products and Software by Schools


To facilitate a better way of communication with parents, digitization helps to provide effective and active ways to engage parents with the on-going growth of the kids. Today, school websites and messengers help the parents to be in touch with the school representatives (teachers) daily. Relying on obsolete ways of communication are in no way helpful to keep track of a student’s progress. Hence, engagement products or software like biometric attendance systems that automatically send a note to parents about their ward’s entry in the schools are very effective in keeping a track of the student’s where about.


3. Social Media Platforms


It is vital for the schools to facilitate the communication models that utilize social media technology to interact with parents to share information about students. New interactive social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and various web pages can help parents to be in touch with other parents also. Using such platforms, parents can be always informed and updated with the new updates and upcoming events in the schools. Some schools even facilitate regular podcasts, video clips, educational webinars, and video conferencing to reach out to largest possible parent audience to enable all-out parent involvement.


The Bottom Line


Dynamicand watchful parental engagement in the digital world can lead to numerous benefits for students, parents and the school. How are you participating in parental engagement in a digitized world?