Modern Teaching: Addressing Top 5 hurdles

It looks convenient it suggest, but e-schools and e-learning are still some fancy terms for many educators, parents and educational bodies. It is severely hard to explain, to masses, the future and potential of modern learning methods that can bring huge benefits to both educators and students simultaneously. With a very slow progress in the department of Modern Learning and Teaching Methods, there are many issues that are needed to be quickly resolved.


Here are Top 5 Problems that are charting top ranks, when it comes to implementing Modern Education Techniques:   


Schools strong believe in Traditional Teaching Techniques


A much observed suppressive despotic behaviour of educational institutions, towards progressive educators, has always been a huge debatable topic. Since schools too run on reputation game, they believe modern education systems can distract students from achieving high numbers in exams, hampering their reputation in education market. Such a laid-back thought process among many schooling institutions, that still thrives, is again a long rough road for modern educators to pass. 


Lack of Facility, Budgets


Absence of required equipment in classrooms, unavailability of internet devices or budget issues, are some of the common reasons that come under a big problem of lack of proper facilities to curate modern learning practises. For example, if a school needs to add Video Teaching Session in classrooms, then they need to add technologies like projectors to every classroom of their building. Moreover need IT staff to help them out in technicalities, and need to train the teachers as well. This is what makes modern education lack, basic facilities; because it is not yet cheap to wider scale implementation of modern education methods.


Teachers holding back on Modern Teaching Methods


There are many modern educators who are participating, by all means, to promote progressive education; while on the other side there is a huge number of traditional teachers who believe Internet as a foe for education around. Technological training is the main hassle; they are trying to save themselves from. Students learn a lot from teachers; therefore it’s very important for teachers to train themselves to the new trends up-rising in education sector.    


At the end, Internet is costly


Knowledge is for everyone; but when it comes to e-learning and e-schools, not everybody could afford heavy billed internet connections to attain it. With live webinars and video lesson explanations, consumption of internet data is massively increased, plus you always need good internet connection for an effective video stream. Excusing the privileged; this is a one of a major issue which needs much quicker addressing, for an average student, when it comes to economic friendliness of internet based e-learning sessions. 


Ignorance of Parents, towards Modern Education


Parents with their strong favouring opinion towards traditional methods of teaching are creating main hurdles in path of expansion plans of modern learning. No-doubt, students do register themselves to e-classrooms or webinars, but the ratio is too less. Parents’ traditional mindsets that learning through books and notebooks is the only effective way, is the real issue. Talking practically, making parents understand that Internet too could be a mainstream learning hub, is a real deal here.


Progressive Educators through Modern Education methods are laying path of a prosperous future for the education sector where education would be more of understanding, retaining long and implementing; unlike traditional teaching methods encouraging parrot- learning.