Major Advancements in Modern Teaching Methods

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”, is a famous quote by a well know American author, Brian Hebert. Modern learning methods have successfully, seeded students with curiosity and willingness to learn more. In the context of modern teaching versus traditional teaching methods, there had been some major changes successfully implemented within classrooms. The traditional way of teaching, which is still widely acceptable, involves usage of black boards, books, recitation and memorization. But these old teaching methods are gradually shifting towards involvement of projectors, e-books, laptops, whiteboards and illustrative teaching, laying grounds for modern teachings.


Below are some remarkable advancements that progressive teaching methods have achieved so far:


Changing Attitude


Teachers are gradually changing their mindset towards modern teaching methods. More and more educators are coming forward to advertise progressive methods in a much positive light. Teachers are getting themselves trained with these modern techniques, in order to adapt with fast changing winds in education sector.


Tech-welcoming School architectures


These days, all new schools are architected with modern classroom ideas in mind. Even almost all schools and colleges have started facilitating contemporary classroom architecture, which is helping a lot of educators, explaining study lessons in a much easier way. Schools are paying more attention towards equipping classrooms with right facilities such as laptops, microphones, projectors, video curriculum, etc., which in turn is making students concentrate much better in their studies.


E-books over Traditional Books


There is no rapid advancement in this area of modern education; still many prestigious colleges have started adopting e-books over paper books. If publicized well, laptops will replace the load of all books combined, which students carry daily to their schools. These books have been replaced with online videos and graphical explanations, which is helping students to grasp and retain for longer.


Acceptable Modern Curriculum


The traditional teaching methods promoted to stick to curriculum, while modern teaching is not bounded by curriculum. Yes, no doubt in that, there has to have some limitations and shape to a curriculum, for exam purposes. But here we are talking about knowledge, and its limitless boundaries. It’s important to stay well put with the syllabus, but progressive teaching is all about letting loose to the world of knowledge of better understanding of each subject.


Here are few points, which highlight some of the major breakthroughs schools and faculties achieved, while adopting progressive teaching methodologies:


  • Students showed more attentiveness when they were taught with these latest technologies.
  • Modern teaching has promoted boundary-less study curriculum.
  • Students focus more on understanding, rather not memorize for exams.
  • E-learning and E-courses have changed the definition of classroom study, on a positive note.
  • Implementation of tech-friendly studies have recorded more students in classrooms, rather those in traditional teaching classes.


Open-mindedness towards modern teaching can bring a big revolution in the education field. While most developed countries have adopted modern classrooms teachings, developing countries are evolving gradually. More than ever, there is an increased need of educators to come forward and help elevate the levels of the education sector on a global scale.