Is Media Broadcasting CSR Initiatives Responsibly?

The role of media in propagating Corporate Social Responsibilty through various platforms is very vital to bring about a positive revolution in CSR segment of business. The way CSR initiatives are presented by the media gives an over-all idea of the areas of social responsibilities where corporates are paying attention to. Moreover, by covering successful CSR campaigns, media helps in making people aware of the areas of social responsibility that need to be considered and looked after.


Portraying India Inc.’sPrinciples


Apart from brining an additional side-benefit of advertisement, media helps in bringing out the basic values of India Inc. by projecting CSR campaigns on TV, press or any media platform. Additionally, upright CSR advertisements help companies to represent their standards and showcase the outstandingCSR work that they have been performing.Apart from generatinginteresting and mindful advertisements, businesses must enlist the cooperation and support of media in spreading alertness about Corporate Social Responsibility to the public. CSR is all about servinghumanityand looking beyondrevenues and hence, the media has a crucial role to play in this selfless effort.


Structuring CSR Standards


The media have an enormous role to play in how Corporate Social Responsibility updates of various companies are circulated to the world. They have a responsibility to let the world know about the recent CSR updates so that other contemporary companies and people are stirredto bring about a revolution and an example for others to follow. The way in which CSR standards are spread amongst the society by media helps in structuring ethical standards of humanity.


Propagating Social Awareness


The media can be used to seek volunteers for building social awareness in the society or for specific purposes where the companies are initiating their CSR initiatives. Additionally, they can be used to put out articles and newsrelating to the standards and the undertakings of the corporation in endorsing CSR campaigns. Being the guardian of public good, if media worksprolifically – it can bring about huge transformation in the way CSR activities are perceived but the public.Apart from this, acting as a conscience keeper,media helps in continuously reminding companies about the necessity to give back to the world and to look beyond revenues.


The Crux


Lastly, the media should take a critical view of the CSR programs initiated by companies. This is because some organizations get involved in CSR campaigns just to abide by the laws and to showcase their activities on paper. Media should focus on covering companies whose CSR campaigns turn out to be failure because of lack of interest and involvement. These crucial analysis of CSR activities would encourage firms to take CSR seriously and strive to do better, for the general good.