How your Company Can Benefit from Volunteering Programs?

CSR activities play a major role in a company’s success. Employee Volunteering Programs give your employees a greater purpose for a common gain, which leads to substantial benefits as a whole. Purpose-driven initiatives like CSR volunteering programs can help in reaping long-term benefits for the stakeholders of the company, Here, we enlist a few points how CSR Volunteering activities can help your company:


1. Employee Recruitment


For the latest generation, volunteering plays a major role in their career. In the age when millennials are opting for organizations with high impact in the society, engaging in volunteering activities proves to be a major approach to draw top talent over other organizations. A Survey conducted by Deloitte indicated that for 61% of millennials, a company’s volunteer program is a major deciding factor to go for a particular job offer.


2. Employee Engagement and Retention


A study by United Health Group established that four out of five employees, who participate in a volunteering activity, feel better about their company because of the CSR Volunteering activities that the company organizes. Such Volunteering Programs help in boosting the morale of employees which as a consequence, helps in increasing their productivity at work. Thus, this keeps the employees engaged in the company activities and in turn, helps in employee retention, in the longer run.


3. Team Building


Volunteering CSR programs help in bringing employees together, giving them a common goal and purpose in their work to strive for. Volunteering programs help the team members to build a connection with each other. This directly affects the team’s output as all the members of the team understand each other. Such CSR programs help in developing a feeling of pride in the company and boost employees’ assurance that the company contributes its share in making the society a better place. When a team is bonded well, it helps the members to better understand and support each other. 


4. Company’s Reputation


Employee volunteer programs show a commitment of the company to the community’s welfare which helps in building your company's status. The best approach to boost a positive reputation for a company is to put more efforts into getting better at their corporate social responsibility initiatives like volunteering programs.


To Sum Up:


So, getting involved with a volunteering program can not only be beneficial to the society but also to your company. Have you started with your Volunteering Program? If not, it’s never too late! Go ahead and see the results for yourself!