Future Goals for Digitalizing Rural India

With more 20 billion internet based connections are expected to run over data streams by 2020, digitalization of rural India is an important aspect. Currently, there are many programmes and campaigns running throughout India, both by government and private organisations, to make Rural India get connected to rest of the world. The future of Digital Rural India is indeed in great progress with Internet of Everything (IoE) receiving commendable feedbacks form rural areas.


Here is a list of  few major projects, with shining future goals, being driven nation-wide, helping rural folks get accustomed more to digital world, to get their lives simpler. 


Digital India


The pathbreaking campaign run by the Government of India “Digital India”, has taken major course to connect majority of rural India with digital space. With its National e-Governance Plan, Indian Government is targeting to get all its governmental services online with full strength. This would help rural India to avail governmental services in a much accurate and faster pace. Launched in July, 2015, focusing on major areas such as electronic delivery of services through E-Kranti, universal access to mobile including, rural and urban areas and early harvest programmes, Digital India has end goals to connect 6,25,000 villages in India by December 2018.


Intel’s efforts for rural India


Unnati Kendra being inaugurated in April, 2016; is certainly curating one of the major achievements of Intel’s initiative for serving rural India’s digital vision. Intel India has put a big step forward in educating rural people the idea and end-goals of techno-savvy non-urban India. Intel India is also partnered with Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and Acer along with Skilltrain, Dgflick and DailyHunt in Unnati Kendra initiative. Unnati Kendra has started with 40 Common Service Centers which are successfully operating in UP, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Telangana and Haryana is planning to go nation-wide, with more operational CSCs in coming future.


IOT into Agricultural Practises  


Future of digital rural India is catalysed by IOT revolution, with much funded support from governmental and venture organisations. As per NASSCOM Sensus, around 40 out of 280 IOT start-ups in India, focuses on project promoting Smart Agriculture. With help of IOT, promotion of Agricultural Sensors and Smart Irrigation systemsare risingrural farming practises. IOT modernisation is holding a heavy profitable potential future, with much sooner installations of Agricultural Drones for irrigation purposes, Voluntary Milking Systems (VMS), Smart Cameras for plant and crops growth. This IOT movement seems no have no looking back and with adequate response from rural regions, it has the required power to change the future of agricultural practises in India.