E-Learning and E-Classrooms: Trending Educational AI Chatbots

In this era of fast changing phase of educational paradigm, internet is playing a vital role in connecting educators and students on a common platform. With vast developments happening on Chatbots and AI based chat messengers, they are the next big thing that can provide huge benefits to the education sector. Chatbots are able to answer queries fast, able to fetch required search results and help in finding relevant courses based on interest, with help of inputs done by students. Chatbots are bringing new possibilities in the world of educators and students. 


All About Chatbots


In much simpler terms, Chatbots are chatting robots which have a self-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) based backend or programming structure that provides human-like interaction. When users ask questions in the text area, his inputs are broken into “keywords”; which further are matched with relevant data present in the database. When the results match, the messenger pops a response back. 


For example, if you type “Hi, what kind of courses you have?” in a specific e-learning chatbot, the possible response after breaking ‘Hi’ and ‘courses’ possibly could be “Hello, thanks for the query! Can you please select any one of the following courses listed below?” with a list of available options being displayed on messenger box.  


Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education


Neural languages, Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Information Extracting Systems in the backend of chatbots are making them efficient and robust to attend all student and education based queries. Chatbots are providing most logical explanations to the queries in a more simplified way, challenging traditional teaching methods. 


AI is self-learning, which is making learning much smarter day-by-day. It is breaking all stereotypes of limitations in internet media and disregarding doubts about personalised learning. With its endless possibilities of sharp approach towards query fetching, upgrading database and human-like conversation features, chatbots are seeping their ways into the roots of the education sector.


Well yes, Chatbots are smarter than many institutional education systems or educators; still no danger hovers on latter’s jobs. The information base is actually fed by educators and programmers after a careful analysis, with help of successful collaborations of industry and educational institutions.


Applications of Educational Chatbots


Institutional Chatbots 

Educational institutes are taking full advantage of chatbots, in order to handle massive administrative questions. Right away from helping students to understand college campus structure to finding rooms and lecture halls, chatbots are answering all enquiries raised. The school authorities are also using chatbots to conduct online tests, filling administrative forms, providing campus FAQs, filing enrolment documents, helping in setting up email ids, etc. It has reduced a lot of pressures on deadlines meeting and eventually made students educational and campus lives much sorted. 


Educational Chatbots

Educational Chatbots have given a new definition to e-Classrooms and e-learning modern educational techniques. With word-tracking and sentence-correcting AI Chatbots, now it’s much easier for students to work on their grammatical issues. 


Chatbots are providing topic related answers and also used to fetch study material from internet, in case of database shortage. Chatbots are also used for online test preparations and self-assessment. As it is economical and time-saving for students, Chatbots are now being extensively used as career shaping gurus.