Digital Trends in Education in 2018

Digital transformation has helped the Education Sector to go beyond boundaries and has provided new opportunities to students and teachers. Chalks, slates and pens are soon going to be thing of the past as the learning process in the new digital world is completely based on new technologies. The learning and teaching methods in schools are entirely going to be digitally transformed. Here, we list the top digital transformation trends that are going to shape the education sector in the year 2018.


Cloud Based Learning


The shift to cloud based learning help both the students as well as the teachers. Through cloud storage, students would no longer need to worry about storing their files and worksheets as everything would be backed up on the cloud. Further, cloud technology would help the teachers to keep their data sorted systematically. The security measures that cloud technology provides, would enable the teachers and students to also keep their data secure.


Learning through Gamification


The year 2018 would enable assessments through games. The pedagogy would focus on lesson plans that include the gamification of teaching methodologies. Focus would be on making the process of teaching interesting and fun through exciting games and apps. This would keep the students keen on learning and help them learn faster.


Personalization of Learning Process


The year 2018 would be marked with a collaboration between the conventional education approaches and the new digital ones. This true digital transformation in education would lead to personalization of the learning process for each student. Digital devices and platforms would help in continuing the learning process outside of school too. Closed community groups on platforms like Facebook and Twitter are advantageous for students, teachers and even the parents.


Augmented Reality and Machine Learning


Technology trends like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would help the students to learn the lessons at their own pace. This would help customized unhurried education to gain importance. Through AR, customized learning process would help students to understand the lessons according to their own IQ levels and interests, respectively.