Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Climate Change

Problem of Climate Change:

Climate change is a burning issue and is the most important concern for many of us in the world today. The impacts of climate change terrorize to undermine our entire humankind. In today’s time, climate change has the potential to be the supreme insurgence in recorded history of mankind. Climate change is a universal trouble. The problems in the environment due to climate change are all just an indication to what havoc it can bring about in the future. Today, it is a challenge which every country in the world is struggling with. Numerous studies have established that climate change can create a worth mentioning hazard to the potential social and economic standard of living of the people all around the world.


Role of CSR:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important step in working towards this challenge.  Of late, climate change and its impact has been instrumental in causing several problems all around the world. The effect of Climate change is quite visible and it is the outcome of harmful emissions of several greenhouse gases such as CO2 from rapid industrial growth, deforestation etc. Additionally, growing trend of consumerism and population explosion are one of the crucial factors aggravating the problems. The mounting devastation of our natural environment by industrialization and other activities that pose a threat to the nature, lead to a huge climate change and hence the natural flora and fauna of the place gets affected.


The good thing is that in the rise of the burning issue of climate change, most of the corporate companies have realized their duties towards the society. Today, there are many corporate businesses working solely for the purpose of the abatement of the climate change such that it affects and improves the community around them. Additionally, many companies encourage their employees to join volunteering programs to edify them about the necessity to conserve our nature and contribute out bit towards making the environment a better place to live for our future generations.


The Bottom Line:

For efficient implementation of CSR exercises companies need to concentrate more on the process of growing awareness among the community members for the greater good and benefit of the society such that CSR activities bring about a global change in the world and help in combating the challenge of Climate change.