Characteristics of Teachers Who Effectively Use EdTech

A century ago, Thomas Alva Edison said, “Books will soon be obsolete in the public schools… our school system will be completely changed inside of ten years.” Developments in technology has transformed how people interconnect and learn. While the education system is still absorbing the new transformation in the learning system, we enlist a few characteristics of teachers that would help in efficacious use of ed-tech:


Key Characteristics: 


1. Adaptation


Technology is continuously moving and refining the ways the world operates and so, to effectively implement technology in education, the teachers must also change their teaching methods and improve. Teachers who see the change in education system as an opportunity and not as an interruption while bringing ed-tech into their classrooms, witness better outcomes with time.


2. Collaboration


The barriers of distance are being broken by inclusion of technology. Teachers who use expertise are more inclined to work together and collaborate with teachers and students from across the country and theworld. They take technology as an opportunity to network and collaborate with people around the globe to learn more about new techniques to educate. Such collaborations help to make learning more impactful for students and easy for teachers, while applying teaching methodologies in real-world and practical circumstances.


3. Student-Centric Approach


Ed-Tech has given the authorization to students to choose what information they want to learn about and how, and what to do with that knowledge. Teachers who are effectively applying technology in their teaching methods, are willing to take a backseat while they let the students drive through the journey to learn. 


4. Flexibility


Education reports, online newsletters, journals, blogs, etc. are boundless ways on existing drifts in the ed-tech industry. Educators who are positively implementing technology stay updated with the latest inclinations and updates in expertise so that they can assimilate the new trends and approaches in their teaching space. They remain open to any new developments and are always flexible while using modern technology in their teaching methodologies.


5. Approach to evolve


Having an approach to evolve indicates that the teacher is proficient to grow with effort and practice, as the time progresses with new tech changes. This is an important characteristic as integrating ed-tech into classroom can be tough. With new teaching skills and approaches, and being patient while the class adjusts to the change, it is of utmost importance that teachers have the mindset to constantly grow with changing times and evolve.


Conclusion: Technology has transformed the way educators teach and the way students learn. Each day teachers come across choices to implement the syllabus and educate students. Those instants are prospects for teachers to engross in reformation that has a real effect on students. Transformation isn’t always easy to adapt, but it’s important for educators to imbibe these characteristics so that scholars can be competitive and equipped with essential knowledge for an ever-changing, technologically-driven milieu.