Building an Employee Volunteer Program

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs provide an opportunity for businesses to creates a direct bridge between staffs and society. These programs are an outstanding means for companies to generate real impression in their communities and to foster an inheritance of charitable and humanitarian storytelling that prods employees to get and stay stimulated as well as remain professionally involved.

By following these simple 4 steps listed below, initializing an Employee Volunteer Program can be very easy. The steps sketched below will help your company in putting progressions and arrangements in place to guarantee the employee volunteer program is successful and operative.


1. Defining the objective:


In framing an employee volunteering program, the first and the most significant step is defining the objective of the volunteering program. The objective of the program would encourage the employees to participate in the program. Additionally, the goal should be decided such that it brings internal happiness to everyone associated with the volunteering activity. For this, survey your employees and figure out a way to match that interest with volunteer prospects.


2. Shaping the Volunteering Team:


While framing the volunteering team, attention must be paid to include agile and energetic employees as a part of it. Each of the team members of the volunteering team should be fully motivated to bring about a transformation through the volunteering program. All levels of management should be involved in the employee participation.


3. Providing incentives to motivate the employees:


Employees must be given incentives for volunteering activities as it would encourage them to be a part of causes for the social benefit. Incentives could include providing an extra time off, recognizing the efforts of such employees by including photos of teams in action in the company newsletter, websites or bulletin boards. Practices to recognize employee volunteers with a record of thankfulness or customized souvenirs would motivate employees to volunteer in the future programs too.


4. Evaluating the success:


After any volunteering program, it is very important to evaluate its success. This would help in figuring out the do’s and don’ts for the forthcoming volunteering programs. This can be done by tracking overall outcomes of the program as well as the employee participation and satisfaction as well.