3 Major Tips to Adopt Modern Education Systems

The major issue with traditional educators is that “change” bothers them, and more importantly, it challenges the whole education system when it comes to adopting modern methods of educating students. From time-to time we come across huge debates over current education system, if it’s actually adding some value to students, or it is just derailing them from the path of actual achievements. There is one outstanding point of view about education system is that, it lays foundation of the subjects that student wishes to learn and do in career but yet it fails to address the actual issues that students need to face while implementing that knowledge in practical real-world scenario. Hence, Modern Education can lead to better future by providing both foundation and current status of the topics that students are currently investing their time on.


Here are three important tips that can help you adapt yourself into modern techniques of education: 


1. Trust Internet and Computers; they are not to take your jobs 

Yes, even if no-one speaks that, but educators fear for their sustainability with AI’s and web ruining all over the place. Students are seeking help over Internet more than they seek help from educators, which is again true. But on a positive note, has anyone thought of as to who should be credited for the vast educational data available over internet? Of-course, it is the educators who are replying over Quora, blogging over Internet and even behind chatbots’ intelligence. Internet has made life easier for both educators and students, when it comes to knowledge gain and financial gains respectively.


2. 4-walls teachings is outdated already

Accept it or not classrooms, knowledge delivery is mostly beneficial if given in more practical or simulated environment. Taking students to actual industrial drive, visiting historical areas or geographical places, etc., is one practical approach which already exists; but the question is how often- once or twice a year. Labs and Practical implementation should not be promoted as a curriculum add-ons, rather they should be a part of regular teaching methods. Educators must understand, if knowledge reception though ears have wonders till now, imagine what would regular reception of knowledge through both eyes and ears would do.


3. No shame in training yourself to technology

What if your students know more about technology than you do? You know much vaster in the subject you teach, which certainly they don’t. So here is the point. There is no shame is getting a technological training, if you fear to face modern tech gadgets. Learning to shortlisting educational videos, arranging webinars, making presentation, connecting with students on social platform etc., would give you enough power to adopt modern methods of teaching techniques. 

And when education system promotes “no age barrier for learning”, what stops you from being students again. 


Modern Education system is just an updated version of traditional teaching methods, which again will not eliminate educators from the system but rater add more value to the whole education sector. Educators need to actually stop blaming modern education for ruining studies or poor grades, since all students are not the same and one education system cannot define the knowledge grasping and sustainability of all students simultaneously.