20+ Digital Marketing Activities to take your Business to New Heights (Part I)

Whether you are new in business or finding ways to enhance the existing one, you have to understand as well as apply the marketing strategies in your working process. On the contrary to your beliefs, marketing is the most important part of growing a business. As this famous quote says, “You can’t sell anything if you will not tell anything.” You will not know but marketing in itself is an entire industry. 


“By breaking down marketing tasks into easy daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, entrepreneurs – beginner to advanced – can really make a marketing impact!” 


However to make the process easier for you, we have created a list of digital marketing activities which you can add in your calendar to make it work and enjoy the benefits of a perfect marketing plan. These points are the starting steps of the ladder, once you have stepped on all of them, then you need to become more creative and bring new ideas as well as out of the box thinking.


Always remember it is not a single day task instead it is something which you have to do on regular basis.


Here are 20+ step by step activities you need to follow to reach the stars and face the music of success in your business.


  • Know your business; meaning understand the target audience and what they are looking for and then serve them the same thing on the silver platter in your own style.
  • As you always remember to have a business card in your pocket all the time and share it with the people, also utilize the technology here. Get your business cards digitalized and share whenever the need arises.
  • SEO is the new wave in the digital marketing world. Make use of it to bring your business at number 1 position at least virtually.
  • Weekly posting of blogs, articles as well as press releases with information related to your products and needs will help you to gain attention of the people on the vast world of internet.
  • Customers are the main reason that you are in the market, so listen to their feedbacks and reviews and if required, try to make the necessary changes in the products and services you offer. Never ignore your customer. 
  • Create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and others which are related to your business. All these accounts should be under the name of your business as they are created to promote your business on the digital level.
  • Almost all these platforms have numerous communities, so join all the communities which are related to your business in one or the other way as it will help you to understand the customers, plus you can promote your products and services among them.
  • Use these social media accounts to engage customers by sharing regular posts, offers, deals or just the basic information about your products and services.
  • Follow all the communities on the social media platforms to create a network.